Friday, October 16, 2009

Kremlin Cup.

I am back in Moscow. Sorry I didn't write for a while, had to many things to do lately.
I am at Ritz Carlton Hotel right next to Kremlin Square. I love it! In front of the hotel is "Zara",the store I love to shop at. Maybe I go visit it later today.
I also love the toiletries in my bathroom it's "Bulgary" and I LOVE Czar's breakfast menu for a very cheap price of 90.000 rubles (3.103 dollars)! I want to have it every day now! NOT!

First couple of days I stayed with my brother. We had a lot of fun together going shopping for 6 hrs, going to restaurants and riding bikes in a near by park. My brother is a nature lover, so if there is an outside activity he always joins in.

This is my second time playing Kremlin Cup after my knee injury. My knee is OK now, but somewhere in the back of my mind I am still cautious when running. So the first couple of practices I try not to run full speed.

I love playing in Moscow! It's my home town, so all my family and friends are coming to watch.
And this year it was more special then ever because my brother came to watch me play for the first time ever. He was asking a lot of question in regards of rules and lines and score and I was more then happy to answer them.

Even though I arrived five days before the tournament I had hard time falling asleep. I have noticed that the older I get the harder it is to overcome a jet leg. And unfortunately no posh hotel or hot bath with aroma therapy can help.
So when time has come to play my first round match I mentally prepared to run for every ball and fight for every point despite the luck of energy. I wanted to stay in my favorite tournament as long as possible.
I struggled at the beginning of the match but then picked it up and looking at players box filled with my family gave me a lot of energy.
The next round was a bit tougher and luck of energy and sleep won against my desire to win. And as tough as I can be mentally my body just shot down on me in the 3rd set. Falling asleep every night at 4 am for a week is a bit tough. But I was happy to be playing in Moscow once again and hopefully I can do it again next year.

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