Friday, May 7, 2010


I left my house to go on 3 weeks tour without any expectations and knowing I am not going to see my boyfriend for a while. I came back with one doubles title and engaged.

It all started with Charleston, one of my favorite tournaments. I played well and was up a set and 4-3, when suddenly I started cramping. I never cramped before and it was scared to move.
I lost the match and cramped for 3 more hours in the training room. I was disappointed, but there is nothing I could do. So I tried to enjoy my time in Charleston by going to the beach, visit a beautiful downtown area and go to the player's party. Where I won yet another piece of jewelry. If I keep coming back to that tournament and win something year after year, I might never need to buy any jewelry for the rest of my life!

The next stop was an 8 hrs drive away, in Dothan, AL. It's a small town with very friendly people. One night we even got invited to a family reunion by a complete stranger. Who thought that we were almost family, because his wife (who died) was Russian. Unfortunately or fortunately, we played finals that day and didn't get to go.

Our doubles draw was not easy until the finals, but we managed to win the tournament, a result I was happy about. And right after the finals it was back on the road again. Driving to Charlottesville,VA.

I didn't get to play singles in Charlottesville because I was one out of main draw and by being in the finals of a previous tournament didn't allowed me to play. Although, when I got to Charlottesville I found out there were 4 lucky losers. If only people pulled out on time, I would be playing both singles and doubles. Oh well!

My boyfriend has surprised me by coming down for one day. He took me to see Monticello (a house of Thomas Jefferson) and later he told me that his plan was to propose there, but my doubles partner came along, so he couldn't do it.
That night, at the players party we got to meet Boyd Tinsley. He is the main sponsor for the tournament and I thought it was nice of him to come out.
All night I was loosing my boyfriend in the crowd. He likes to pull a "Houdini" on me, but this time it was more than usual and I didn't give it a thought. But just before we went to sleep he proposed to me. It was one of the best moments ever, if not the best! Very intimate, cute and unexpected! If you have ever proposed to anyone or have been proposed to, you know what I am talking about.
Of course I didn't sleep all night, to many thoughts and feelings. I arrived at the tennis club with huge bags under my eyes, but happy as can be. We won doubles that day, even though I was really tires. Unfortunately our run ended in the semis, where we lost to number one seeds. And it was back on the road again. I was due to play the next day.

This time it was Florida we were driving to. What a long drive! And even though my doubles partner Anastasia Yakimova helped me drive, I still got to the match exhausted and had to retire. I just couldn't move. It was the same situation as at the previous tournament. I was one out and didn't get in. And when the matches started two people pulled out. It was such a bad luck!
But I still felt lucky. I am engaged to a great man! And I knew what could cheer me up. Looking at the wedding dresses! I didn't have time to go into a store and try them on, but I looked at plenty online. More than 3 thousand. And when I close my eyes its all I see-wedding dresses.
I guess it would be more important to set date and place, and only than look for a dress. But I figured that it wouldn't hurt if I did the opposite.

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