Friday, August 28, 2009


I thought I would never get out of Pozzoblanco. After airline ticket saga of canceling, re-confirming and ending up calling Canada to book a new ticket to Budapest, I was on my way.

Very early morning we got picked up by an old man, who despite his age drove a car like a formula one driver through curvy roads. I didn't have a seat belt, but I wasn't worried, I was stuck in the middle, between two huge bags and two other girls, so even if we had an accident I wouldn't even move.

At the Budapest airport me and Sharon found out that we play each other the next day. It's never pleasant to play someone you know well or share a room with, but it it what it is and you have to do your job.

Sascha surprised me with driving down from Vienna and meeting me at the hotel. It's only 2,5 hrs drive from Vienna to Budapest. I was happy to see him there, he loves surprising me like this.

My condition was getting worse and worse, I coughed the whole night and my chest felt like it was going to explode. So I had to retire in the second set against Sharon because I just couldn't breath. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis.The doctor was surprised to hear that other doctors I saw told me I had a flu.

I took the medicine but refused to stay in bed all day. I was in a city I have never been to and I wanted to explore it. So on the first day we went to a bridge market.
One of the main bridges over Danube River was closed for the weekend, and people set up small booths, selling everything from stuffed animals to food. I love markets like this, you always see different things you don't see in stores. Like animals made of grass, I thought it was very inventive, you don't have much overhead because the grass is free.

When it got dark the music came on. People set around a small stage eating food that was cooked outside, in huge fry pans. And when it came to desert I have decided to try "Kurtskalacs"a traditional Hungarian pastry.( If you want to read more about the history of this desert check out this site Pinch My Salt )

After watching a fascinating process of making "Kurtskalacs" I got in line, excited as a child to try something new. And when I finally had it in my hands, it looked like a small volcano with fumes coming out from the top. It tasted like sweet bread with cinnamon and sugar, and lasted me two days.

Our next adventure in Budapest was visiting medieval "Sir. Lancelot" restaurant. Every person who works at the restaurant was dresses in medieval times clothing and the food is intended to be eaten by hand and is served on huge wooden trays.
Before your meal a waitress puts a napkin around your neck and you get aperitif in a clay cup.
And then comes meal! It's a lot of food, so if you are not hungry or not a big eater, you are at the wrong place.

After food there is a show. Knights have a fight over a girl involving people in it. Victorious knight chooses a man out of all the men in the restaurant and raises him to "Knighthood."
It's fun, it's different, and I totally recommend visiting "Sir. Lancelot."

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