Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 2.

Week two was all about practicing and eating more Russian food. Like my favorite dish "Sirniki."
"Sirniki" are small pancakes made of cottage cheese which  you eat  with lots of sour cream and honey. In my case is butter and fruit. Its a great dish to eat for breakfast or as a desert.

Chernoglovka has four outdoor clay courts, which are located in a park next to the lake. They are not the most perfect ones but I like playing there, it reminds me of my childhood club "Spartak." Which was also located in a park.
As children we used to run in the park for our fitness exercises. 
Many Russian players come from "Spartak", Dementieva, Safin and Safina, Kournikova, Myskina and many others. We all grew up together there, in a small tennis club in a park.

Before leaving Russia we visited our "Dacha" one more time.My father is a community director so while he was working me and Sascha were relaxing outdoors.
We visited nice forest lakes divided by a narrow passage. And I picked up some wild flowers for my mother. 
The peacefulness was interrupted by my cell phone ( I can't believe I had reception this deep in the forest!) it was my mother, she said that we should be heading back because the storm is coming. I looked up at the sky. It was dark.
We hurried out of the forest hearing a threatening roar from above. And just as we walked  into our gate the wall of cold water came down on us.

After two weeks it was time to say Goodbye.
I was sad to leave, I was already missing my parents and Chernoglovka. But new adventures were waiting , new places to be visited, tournaments to be played.... I waived to my
 parents through an open car window, seeing tears in their eyes. " I will be back soon!"- I yelled. Hoping that it will be SOON.

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