Monday, August 10, 2009

Out in Moscow.

It was Saturday night and spirits were high. Last time I went out in Moscow.....I think it..... in 1994.Wow! Long time!
We had some nice snacks at my brother's place, that was suppose to include red caviar and salmon (but we forgot those items at the supermarket after paying for them) so we had a lot of salami and shrimp. And around 10 pm we were heading to the center of Moscow.

The club was called "B-2." It had 3 levels and each of them had a different entertainment to offer.
1st level had a Tiki Bar and a '90's discotheque , 2nd level had Sushi restaurant with live music and 3rd had a modern discotheque on one side and a Jazz Club on the other. All of this for a cover charge of 500 rubles (about $12).
We ate Sushi, we danced at both disco places and at the end of our evening we settled at the Jazz Bar. It seemed to be the busiest place.... I didn't know that young Russians were so into Jazz.
The music was great and so was my Strawberry Mojito. No, let me rephrase that- THE BEST Strawberry Mojito I have ever had!

About 3.30 am we were heading out of the club. My friends wife was the designated driver from beginning so she decided to show us a bit of night Moscow.
We passed a KGB building, where apparently the basement of the building still serves as
a prison.
We also passed a night Kremlin with all it's beautiful lights and many other beautiful old buildings, ending up at "Poklonnaya Gora."( a bow-down hill) dedicated to millions of Russian soldiers who lost their lives in 2nd World War.
The memorial is 171.5 meters long with fountains of red water that remind you of blood. It's a bit eerie for me but it's worth seeing.

At 4.30 am we opened the door to my brother's apartment. Exhausted but happy.
Falling into bed, I was trying to remember the last time I came back home at this hour. And I think that time also belongs to my teen years.

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  1. Maybe one day the basement of Lubyanka will be turned into a nightclub. I have a name for the signature cocktail when they do:

    "The Brass Knuckle."

    Love the blog, love it! Keep going!